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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> police in china arrest 12 people over deadly warehouse explosion in tianjin that killed 139 people. hello. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, under pressure to do more to deal with the refugee crisis. failing to mend fences, venezuela and colombia.
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>> the anniversary edition of the records book which itself is breaking records. police in china have arrested 12 people over massive explosions in tianjin two weeks ago. 139 people died when a warehouse exploded. government officials ares are being prosecuted over negligence. adriane brown is in bee ching with the details. >> the news agency says among those arrested are the chairman, vote chairman and three deputy managers where the explosions happened two weeks ago. we don't know the identity of the rest. on wednesday we learn the man who headed the safety regulator was sacked. he was a former deputy mayor, a
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position he held for some 12 years. the investigation is ongoing. we now know that 139 people are confirmed dead, but 34 are still missing. most the dead and the missing are firefighters. and, of course, the one question that people in tianjin still want answered, why is it the chemicals were store in a warehouse less than 800 meters from where people were living. how did this company pass its annual safety check. the head of the un refugee agency slammed the eu's asigh limb system as completely dysfunctional. there is a call to better coordinate response to the influx of refugees. >> translator: i believe we must accelerate the decisions.
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the essential issues such as reception centers, registration, hotspots where we can differentiate between who does and doesn't need protection. >> the german chancellor and liters will meet on thursday. they will look for more unified response to what is europe's biggest refugee crisis since world war ii. we are at that meeting in vienna. what are the foreign ministers just been discussing? >> reporter: they have been talking very much along the lines that you were suggesting, jane. the need for a unified response. the austrian foreign minister has just been speaking to the press. he's talking about the need for a holistic approach. solving problems in countries of origin. that sounds so simple. of course, it's incredibly complicated. in practical terms that means
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bringing peace to countries, improving economics. things that will take years as best. but within europe, there needs to be cohesion, a fairer sharing process, if you like, quarters for the people who are coming in. that sentiment was echoed by the german foreign minister as well. they are saying there are some european eu countries that are not pulling their weight, we are not in the firing line, this is a problem for not us, but other countries in the eu. but one day the warning was from vienna that those countries will be part of the problem. so we do need european solidarity. otherwise, we'll see more european countries adopting autonomous solutions, he mentioned hungary by name, the country that's building a razor
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wire fence along its border with syria. >> contemplating sending the army there, as worried as they are. update us on how big this problem is facing these countries? how much refugees? >> reporter: for the western balancbalkins, it's critical. the numbers are very dramatic. from january to july of this year over 100,000 people entered the european union through this western route. i think that's compared to 8,000 in the same six or seven month period of 2014. in other words, an increase more than tenfold. one thing i should say, and it adds a degree of complexity to the situation, we look at a country like germany which is receiving a lot more asylum
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seekers, it tells us something interesting. they show some 40% of asylum seekers are not coming from countries like syria beyond europe's borders. they are actually coming from countries like albania, like kosovo, like serbia. the western balkin countries are not only transit routes, they themselves produce an awful lot of migration north into europe. the and the people from those countries in the western balkins, who are generally safe, people from those countries are much more likely to have applications rejected and returned as economic migrants to eastern europe. >> thank you. kurdish fighters have taken
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ten villages in northern iraq from isil control. 2,000 fighters advanced. they began an assault with the backing of the u.s. air strikes, the kurds say 25 isil fighters were killed. the u.s. pentagon is investigating allegations that intelligence on isil is being distorted. media reports say commanders exaggerated against the group. the u.s. government says it has destroyed or damaged over 10,000 target. the former secretary of defense, he says an investigation will shed light on the u.s. fight against isil. >> it's not surprising because the military commanders who device the strategy and execute
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it, and their careers depend on it being successful, they would skew the intelligence. i think what's important is does the system work. we recognized this happened in iraq. so congress passed a law that said if a person intelligence agency, a civilian group, feels that the military is skew can the intelligence, earthquake may a complaint. this is what happened. somebody made a complaint. the inspector general who is independent of everybody and is now investigating. it will encourage more people to come forward if they think the commanders are not being honest. up to now the administration has been saying this is working, let's be patient. general allen gave a speech and said isis is being defeated extra teakicly and tactically.
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it will get people to find out what's the true story. and that's the key thing. you want the true story. we made this mistake before in vietnam where the generals were telling us for years we were winning. south sudan's president signed a peace deal aimed at stopping almost two years of violence. he expressed reservations over whether it will end his country's civil war. >> reporter: when the fighting started in december 2013, people fled to the safety of u.n. bases in several towns. now, 20 months later, more than 200,000 people are still living under the protection of the u.n. what began as a fight between soldiers killed and injured thousands of people. but the violence didn't stop in the capital. it spread from town to town destroying neighborhoods and leaving tens of thousands of
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dead in its wake. the conflict took a new dimension. everyone in the area is affected by the conflict has a tire to tell. she was forced to run. >> translator: sometimes my heart tells me he's alive. sometimes i get depressed. but lots of people told me other people have facedded a worse fate than you. i stopped thinking about it and left it up to god. >> the army was split up to two factions. the last 20 months war in south sudan has dragged on with towns changing hands constantly between rebel and government forces. they found themselves attacked in the streets. >> translator: they cut me with a type of machete.
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i fell down. i didn't know what was happening. after two or three hours i found myself in hospital. >> the united nations is demanding both sides come to a poiseful resolution. and he signed a peace agreement. the international community is optimistic that the signing of the deal means the end of the war. that's because some of the top rebel commanders have split and they have made it clear that this peal deal means nothing. for the people of south sudan that could mean this war is over. still ahead on al jazeera, running dry, refugees in jordan put pressure on the water system. putting people first, indigenous australians win their fight for affordable housing in sit any.
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catch up on what happened overnight with a full morning brief. get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations. start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. >> hello again. he's a reminder of our top stories. police in china have arrested 12 people for massive explosions. 11 government officials are being prosecuted for negligence. 139 people died when a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals exploded. foreign ministers are meeting in vienna with the current refugee crisis top of the agenda. they are set to discuss the huge
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numbers of asylum seekers coming into europe. south sudan's president signed a peace agreement in the presence of regional leaders. he's expressed reservations about whether it will end the violence. the foreign ministers of colombia and venezuela have promised to increase cooperation. with the closure of two major border crossing and the crackdown on migrants from venezuela. >> in a panic, these men have returned to the place they called home to take back hard earned belongings before venezuela security forces return. their fear is well justified. more than 1,000 colombians have been deported since the president closed the border
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crossing in a western town. in this settlement, military raids left behind a desolate population, homes detried, neighbors gone. >> if it's a shanty, they scribble the d. for demolition. the red dot is for a census, they will give as a house and the flag because i'm venezuelaen, who knows what they will give us. >> after meeting for nearly six hours, the foreign ministers were unable to reach a deal. but they agreed on more talks and that allegations of human rights abuses would be looked into. >> translator: we are convinced that the closure of the border, and we have communicated this to the venezuelan authorities is not the way forward. we don't believe it's the way to combat snuggling. there is a lot of leg movement. many people who live on one side
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or the other and they need to be able to move. >> translator: based on the fact that institutions haven't been able to manage the disorder along the border, closing the boarding crossing is the result of problems. neighboring countries see ourselves affected by the trafficking. >> but no date has been set for reopening the border. the impact can be felt at all levels. >> the streets of antonio are usually bustling with activities. the streets have been taken over by the military. either because business down or its employees, many of them colombian citizens, have been desupported. >> translator: my wife is in colombia. i see no future.
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>> reporter: closing the border and expelling illegal citizens are part of an attempt to end the inflow of military activity. the problems won't be solved. and the misery here will only increase. vigils have been held in u.s. state of virginia for a journalist and camera man shot dead during a live broadcast. the murders have highlighted the problem of gun violence in the united states and renewed calls for tighter controls on firearms. federal authorities say flanagan was using an illegally obtained gun as he filmed himself shooting local tv reporter and cameraman. he later turned the gun on
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himself. the attack was revenge for the recent shooting of nine churchgoers in south carolina. police in hong kong charged three student whose led pro democracy protests last week. joshua wong, alex chow are accused of storming the building. they wanted free and open elections for the chinese air tore's leaders. candidates have to be approved by a pro china panel first. stock markets in asia traded steadily after days of swings. they were worried about an economic slowdown. one country that's struggling is asia. they have forced companies to cut back. >> reporter: the effect in producing lighting equipment for
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more than 20 years. earlier this month 460 workers were told the factory would close because of a lack of demand. the workers still can't believe it. >> i'm so sad. i worked here for 23 years. i can't bear the news, i thought everything was going well. i feel really betrayed. >> reporter: labor unions estimate around 100,000 workers have been laid off since it went into a free fall against the u.s. dollar. they can no longer afford to buy them. >> translator: to make sure the crisis of 1998 does not happen again, we urge the government to implement regular laces. that's why minimum wages should be brought to decent levels. >> the government refuses to call it a crisis. but the booming economy is going
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through serious turbulence. that won't be four to save people's jobs. for many years there was no reason to worry. with growth triggers of more than 6%. the dependency on exports have made it vulnerable. its main market is china. sales of cars and motorbikes have been growing for years, now they are down by 20%. >> previous years we would sell up to 20 car as day. today we haven't sold more than four. it's gone down traumatically. >> the government is limiting expensive imports. it wants to areassure tha reass.
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>> the major economic reforms, reforms in the banking sector, reforms among the regulators, basically the corporate sector has become more prudent. >> still, many are worried. they want the government to ensure that the economy can grow stronger again, something badly needed to take millions out of poverty. the middle east is facing a water crisis, according to a new report by the world resources institute. by 2040 the region mr. experience eight of the ten worst droughts in the world. saudi arabia, qatar will be among the west affected. and the lack of water will make
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conflict worse in syria, palestine, iraq and elsewhere. the situation is already critical. >> a jordanian resident used to take his steady supply of water for granted until three years ago. many have settled in his home town, now everyone has to share what little resource they have. >> his area only gets water for a few hours once or twice a week. >> we are living in a constant state of anxiety and some nia. >> when traps run dry, people purchased more. around 85% of refugees live in towns and cities as opposed to
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camps. the refugee crisis has also put pressure on facilities which provide water which were built to serve people. jordan has to enjoy hosting the commune can is. the size of a population reached around 10 million. this is how acute our water shortage crisis is. we have been forced to dig into the wells and drain them. >> eight agencies have upgraded to improve the supply. there is still a huge need. jordan is not able to provide enough water to hundreds of thousands of refugees, although this station increased the amount of water. more are facinwith water shortag
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emergency levels here, there are fears tensions could rise between jordanians and syrians. >> translator: we demand the transfer of syrians to camps. so that way we can go back the way it was. >> reporter: many people say it's only a matter of time before main sources of water run out. that's why long term investments are needed to preserve the health and security of one of the most stable countries in the region. >> indies news activists are claiming victory. protesters sayinged a lengthy sit in. , the standoff has been about
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timing. the company wants to develop this sighted said they would build affordable housing only once they finished shops, offices and student accommodation. >> but that wasn't commitment enough. they feared that meant housing for them can be a decade or more away. well, they have gone against the protesters and it looks as though they could be forcibly evicted. now the government has stepped in. and it's committed $4 million to start the building of affordable housing at the same time as the commercial buildings. the pressure is now on them to agree, meaning a peaceful end to the protest is likely. this camp has been manned continuously for 15 months. the organizer told me she was proud of what people here had achieved. >> very proud. i mean, these are the people that give me hope for the
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future, black and white community, they can see what it is and prepared to show their support physically, morally. and be on hand. >> before they start dismantling the camp, the protesters are waiting for formal world that they will build the housing first or at the same time as the commercial buildings. but the people here are more optimistic than they were. >> once the world's biggest, best, tallest and weirdest gathered in one place, the guinness world records book. the latest edition hits the book shelfs next month. >> it was in the early 1950s a shooting party in ireland, they got into an argument which was the fastest european game bird. nobody knew the answer. so he commissioned a new reference book to resolve the disputes and here is that first
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edition from 1955. in the 60 years since, this office here in central london, guinness has become the definitive book of the fastest and the first, the best and the biggest. there are some surprising nuggets. mount everybodiest is known as the world's highest mountain. but the tallest is mauna kea on hawai'i which rises more than 10,000 meters from the sea bed. it's a human records of endurance, strength and sometimes shear eccentricity. >> you look at the first book, you will find things like pipe mostlmostlysmoking marathons. and tallest man, shortest man, heaviest, highest mountain. we constantly monitor it. we are becoming more open to
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people's ideas. >> in an age where book sales have fallen, they have sold more than 134 million copies in 21 changes across more than 100 countries. it holds the record as the best selling kind right title ever. it's a book which is most often stolen from libraries in the united states. thousands apply to be included. the few chosen are recognized. >> everywhere i have been, they are impressed with what i have done. it just added so much. for my agent when he tries to sell me, she's a word record holder. >> cities have grown bigger and more populous. but no one has grown taller than this man who was 2.27 meters tall. the fastest bird, the answer is
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neither. it's jointly held. >> for more remarkable feats, good and bad, log into our website, the address, >> it's christmas eve and u.s. soldiers are preparing for their last month in afghanistan. about 40,000 are still here. by the end of the year there will be just 8,000. we traveled to afghanistan in the midst of this transition. but on the base, we found a story that isn't being told.